(CAVE / AMI 2004)


The original version of Mushihimesama has two major bugs:

BUG1. High scores for Maniac mode are saved to the first place in the Ultra mode table
BUG2. The game will reset when in 2P Ultra mode at the true last boss

Note that the following are normal specifications:

. There is no way to erase the high score table data.
. There is no way to disable Ultra mode

According to CAVE themselves these are intentional.

Thanks to EOJ we can determine if we have a fixed version or not. EOJ noticed that the number of periods in the program version displayed on the region warning screen differed between PCB's. So far the following versions have been found:

Initial version with BUG1 & BUG2
BUG1 & BUG2 fixed, ULTRA unlocked by default
Fixed Fixed
Changes unknown
CAVE used to have a service where you paid 22,000JPY (21,000JPY service + 1,000JPY domestic shipping) to update your version. This service is no longer offered.
Credit: EOJ & oxtsu & rtw

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