To power the successors of Espgaluda, CAVE designed a new hardware platform based on the powerful Hitachi SH-3 processor. The graphics are handled by a dedicated FPGA and the protection resides in a CPLD. There are no more EPROM DIL sockets, instead all of the software is stored in FLASH. The PCB is equipped with an EEPROM which saves your high scores. This is a generic platform which can be reprogrammed by CAVE using JTAG technology. I.e. an Ibara may be converted to a Mushihimesama if desired

However it looks as if U23 & U24 (Sound Data) are not a part of the JTAG chain and are most likely preprogrammed before mounting.

PCB CV1000-B
C126 (BATTERY) CR 2450, Powers the RTC (Real Time Clock) U10. Look at the garden clock in Ibara.

U5 (CPU)

Hitachi SH-3 @ 133 MHz (7709S)
U22 (SOUND CHIP) Yamaha YMZ770C-F
U23-U24 (FLASH) MBM 29DL321, 32 MBit CMOS 3.0V, Sound data.
U6 (SDRAM) MT46V16M16 – 4 MBit x 16 x 4 banks, RAM (256 MBit)
U7 (SDRAM) MT46V16M16 – 4 MBit x 16 x 4 banks, RAM (256 MBit)
MT48LC2M32 – 512K x 32 x 4 banks, (64 MBit)
Altera Cyclone EP1C12 FPGA
U13 (CPLD) Altera EPM7032 (MAX 7000 Series), Most likely the protection chip.
U4 (FLASH) 29LV160BB 16M-BIT CMOS 3.0, Boot device, FPGA bit file, main program code
U2 (FLASH) K9F1G08U0M 128M x 8 Bit / 64M x 16 Bit NAND. Graphics data.
U27 (SUPERVISOR) MAX 690S 3.0V Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit
U10 (RTC & EEPROM) RTC 9701, Serial RTC Module with EEPROM 4 kbit (256x16 bit), controlled by U13
U12 (RS-232 TRANCEIVER) MAX 3244E RS-232 Tranceiver, only mounted when P5 is mounted
S3 (MICRO PUSH BUTTON) Test switch, same as on the JAMMA connector
S1 (DIL SWITCH) Half Pitch DIL Switch x 1, function unknown
S2 (DIL SWITCH) Half Pitch DIL Switch x 4, SW1=Setup, other switches unknown
P2 (IDC CONNECTOR 20 PIN) function unknown, P2 is not always mounted
P4 (IDC CONNECTOR 14 PIN) JTAG connector
P8 (IDC CONNECTOR 10 PIN) Advanced User Debugger
P3 (CONNECTOR) Most likely an expansion port, P3 is not always mounted
P5 (CONNECTOR) Most likely a serial connector. Only mounted on early Mushihimesama PCB's
P7 (CONNECTOR) Network port pinout. Never seen mounted on any PCB.
D1-D6 (LED) Status LED's. D6 lights up at power on then shuts off, D2 indicates coinage.
Source: rtw, Ex-Cyber & Guru [R3]


PCB Image
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Source: rtw

AD8061 17-15 LM2651-ADJ LM2651-ADJ